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A house is a big investment and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. It needs preventative maintenance which is regularly maintenance to prolong its life cycle. Just like regular oil changes for your car to keep its engine running, your home electrical, heating & plumbing systems need regular maintenance to keep you from future headaches and costly repairs. The same goes for all the other assets in your house, but as working adults you don’t often have time to manage, organize, and/or schedule preventative maintenance for your assets.

We created myEZasset because we understand the importance of having access to your home assets: links to owner’s manual, scheduling preventative maintenance, storing receipts, and providing documents for insurance policy purposes. We are busy adults dealing with work and personal events, and it has become hard to manage and stay on-top of our home assets. We created myEZasset to help people like us manage their personal belongings. With the app, you can take an inventory of all your assets. Include photos of valuable belongings, as well as any receipts of purchase, document manufacturer, make, model and other asset information. You can view your assets from anywhere with your mobile device, and never have to struggle finding the owner’s manual or part’s model again.

We’re excited to share our effort with you, and we’ll continue to improve the digital home asset management solution. Thank you for being a part of our experience, and we hope you'll utilize myEZasset as a mobile tool to help manage your home and build a safe environment for you and your family.

- myEZasset Management